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Parenting Workshops for October

Hello Community,

In October we have 2 really wonderful and helpful workshops for parents, caregivers and service providers. Both of these workshops give real strategies that come from our team of 20+ parents who have lived experience with their own children. 

(1) Building Connection with Our Kids When It Feels Impossible: Join us as we listen to FamilySmart’s Parent Peer Support Workers Tammy and Diane have an honest conversation about what it is like as a parent or caregiver who is struggling to connect with their kids. They will share strategies to build, and rebuild, connections even when it is complex. Come together with other families to watch this one hour video presentation followed by a 30 minute facilitated discussion by a FamilySmart Parent Peer Support Worker.

Event Date(s):
Monday, October 3 at 6:30pm 
Tuesday, October 11 at 5:00pm
Wednesday, October 19 at 12:00pm 
Tuesday, October 25 at 6:30pm 
Thursday, October 27 at 5:00pm 

Registration required:
Cost: Free of Charge  

Watch Now----Building Connection With Our Kids When It Feels Impossible:


(2) Help For The Hard Times Workshops: These run every month for parents and caregivers whose children have been at the ER or have had a hospital stay for mental health or  substance use issues.

Details for 1-hour Workshops:
Session 1: How to support a safety plan at home (Part 1)
Session 2: How to support a safety plan at home (Part 2) 
Session 3: How to take care of yourself and your family after a crisis 
Session 4: How to find the resources you need

Dates & Times:
October 24 & 26 from 4-6pm
November 7, 9, 14, 16, 2022 from 12-1pm

For more information and registration please